Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run Trailer

Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run is a fascinating true story that you’ve probably never heard of… until now. Set for its UK premiere this May, this powerful new historical epic is set to shine a light on the momentous battle that changed the course of American history and forged a nation.

Based on C. M. Bomberger’s novel The Battle Of Bushy Run, this important saga has been brought to the big screen thanks to his son Col. A. Hess Bomberger II a decorated American WWII veteran, who was determined to bring his father’s book to life. He finally got to see the finished film before sadly passing away last year at the age of 101, making the feature all the more poignant. With captivating performances from leading man Tom Connolly alongside a stellar ensemble cast, the film, directed by Dave Alan Johnson (Christmas with Tucker, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye) and Larry A. McLean (Pacific Rim, The Unhealer), is set for its digital release on 13 May 2024 from Trinity Creative.

The year is 1763 and following Britain’s victory over France in the Seven Years’ War, tension is mounting in the American Colonies. With the departure of French troops, the native population fear British retaliation and under the leadership of Ottawa Chief Pontiac, start a violent siege at Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania.

Determined to save their settlement and the hundreds of men, women and children trapped within and facing certain death, the courageous Colonel Henry Bouquet (Connolly) decides to do whatever it takes to save them…

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