New Clip From Terminator Genisys


A new Jurassic Park movie dominating the box office, Blur are in the charts with a new album, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a Terminator sequel. What year is it!

Arnie is back in his iconic role as the T-800 in the sort of reboot but not a reboot Terminator Genisys. Directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Thor The Dark World), Genisys reimagines familiar territory by circling the events of the first two movies. Then, a key moment is altered and spins off into a new alternate timeline.

The second trailer dropped an almighty bombshell on us, John Connor (Jason Clarke) has been modified into a new form of Terminator and is the main antagonist. A ballsy movie to put that out there in the trailer, some fans have not responded well to this new direction and others don’t seem to care.

Even though the third movie had Arnie back in leathers, I still label Rise of the Machines the franchise low point. Aside from the fact it was little more than a pre-election campaign for Arnie’s glittering political career, the movie itself feels like a second rate knockoff void of originality. The widely panned Terminator Salvation is a hot mess, the intelligence of James Cameron’s films (a sentence not often uttered here) was replaced with Michael Bay logic, and John Connor was now played by Batman.

Salvation is by means a great Terminator movie, heck it’s not even a good movie by the murky standards of sequels, but for me its still better than Rise of the Machines.

On a side note, the spelling of Genisys still bugs me more than I know it should. Even if there is a clever explanation in the movie I’m unconvinced that this type of haphazard regard to spelling should be promoted by a major motion picture franchise. We can’t just go casually changing the spelling of established words, the texting generation has already violated the English language enough and doesn’t need further alteration. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, there’s a new Terminator Genisys clip, and you can watch it below.

Starring Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K Simmons, Jason Clarke and in a top secret role for former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith (younger John Connor? Terminator?).

Terminator Genisys is released in cinemas on July 2nd.

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