A New Low in Horror

Whilst I was researching an article for you good people, I stumbled across two shocking trailers for forthcoming movies. These are  horror movies after all, but rather than being shocking due to the intense horror they were simple shockingly poor. I’m all for low budget movies, I’ve even made a couple with my fellow Jellyfielders. There’s no shame in the low budget movie, but there is shame in movies made for the soul reason to keep the licensing for the characters and story. Admittedly there are some examples of big budget movies doing this but none more woeful than there following two trailers. Both of which are brought to you by Dimension Extreme, a pretty low rent straight to DVD arm of Dimension Films.

The Hellraiser franchise is nearly 25 years old, it’s been mooted for a remake for some time but it’s hardly crying out for an update. So in order to retain the rights for the series,the studio threw this sorry mess together for total of $300,000. It looks like it was filmed as a school project or worse still a spoof horror from the makers of Vampires Suck or Epic Movie.

To add insult to injury the production values and acting are beyond parody and it’s the first Hellraiser movie not to have Doug Bradley star as Pinhead. Which is really saying something has he braved a total of 8 installments.

Next up The Children of the Corn are back! Getting every drop out of the ‘Inspired By A Story By Stephen King’ tagline, this is the 9th film in the series (including a TV remake). It’s worth noting that this was only a short story from Stephen King and I’m sure he regrets writing it as none of these films have been able to capture the nature of the book. I find it frustrating that the studio is trading off former glories rather than try something new. The ‘found footage’ genre might be over saturated but they cost a lot less than 300 K and at least try to do something different.

If films like Clerks, El Mariachi, Primer, Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Projects can be made for a few thousand it just puts it all in perspective. Anyway here’s the trailer, with some good horror films in their back catalogue I shudder to think what Dimension Extreme will churn out next. Which leads me neatly to the topic of my next blog, straight to DVD sequels.

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