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After proving he can handle big budget studio projects with Iron Man 3, Shane Black returns to what he does best with a a buddy cop movie to suitable for Marvel youngsters. The first trailer for The Nice Guys has arrived and it snaps, crackles and pops with that quintessential Shane Black goodness you’ve been craving.

Set in the late 70s, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling team up as an unlikely duo to investigate the apparent suicide of a washed up adult film star. Playing against type, Gosling stars as a bumbling rookie Private Investigator (Holland March )who just can’t catch a break. Attempting to solve the case of a lifetime, Holland becomes entangled with gruff veteran P.I Jackson Healy (Crowe) and they reluctantly partner up if they want to stay alive long enough to sole the crime.

Aside from a lack of Christmas setting, The Nice Guys has everything you’d want from a Shane Black movie and more. While outdoing the chemistry between Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer in Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is impossible, Crowe and Gosling do their damnedest.

The Nice Guys arrives in UK cinemas on June 3, 2016.

From the filmmakers behind the iconic Lethal Weapon series and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes summer 2016 release THE NICE GUYS, starring Hollywood all-stars Russell Crowe (Gladiator, LA Confidential) and Ryan Gosling (Drive, Crazy Stupid Love). Directed by pioneering writer/director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon) and produced by Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard).

THE NICE GUYS follows wise-cracking detective Holland March (Gosling) and hard-edged enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) as an unlikely duo, investigating the apparent suicide of a young porn star in 1970s downtown Los Angeles. Also featuring Kim Basinger (LA Confidential), Matt Bomer (Magic Mike) and introducing talented young star Angourie Rice as March’s daughter ‘Holly’.

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