Out Now on DVD – Julia’s Eyes

Julia's Eyes poster

Out now on DVD is Spanish chiller Julia’s Eyes. Produced by Guillermo Del Toro the movie tells the story of Julia and her sister Sara, who both have the same medical condition that has been making them slowly go blind.
After Julia learns that Sara has committed suicide she starts to look into her sisters death with her husband. The more they discovers the less like suicide it looks and Sara’s neighbours are all starting to appear like they might of had a hand in her death.. All through the investigation Julia’s condition is getting worse as she slowly slips into a sightless world. Belen Rueda as Julia is fantastic, filled with compassion and reserve, her performance is the lynch pin of the film. Without such a strong actress in the role the film simply wouldn’t work. The script is very well written by director Guillem Morales and Oriol Paulo. There are a handful of very creepy and disturbing moments, the tone of the movie is unsettling from the start.

Now, it is in Spanish but that shouldn’t deter you from watching it. And do yourself a favour and don’t seek out a dubbed version, dubbed versions of any foreign language title are a crime against cinema, you lose all the flavour of the dialect once it’s dubbed. We also love world cinema to here at We Love Movies [More Than You] so you shall be seeing many more world cinema reviews and articles in the coming weeks.

Julia’s Eyes is out now on DVD and is a must for horror fans.

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