On this Day… Birthdays

imagesWell Today is jam packed with famous birthdays, so here’s a great big happy birthday to the following actors and actresses and a Time Lord. We would of got you all a individual card, but there is a recession and we know you’d bin it anyway, sorry I mean recycle.

As we are gentlemen here at We Love Movies More Than You, ladies can go first. Naturally as we are gentlemen no ages will be listed (but they’re on IMDB).

Oscar Winner Julia Roberts celebrates her birthday today, true it’s been a while since she has made a must see movie or for that matter a watchable one. Have a lovely day today.

images-1British legend Joan Plowright is likely having a good old knees up down the pub this afternoon. The acclaimed actress has starred with some legends of cinema, Richard Burton (Equus), Laurence Olivier (Three Sisters) and Alec Guinness (Twelfth Night) to name but a few. We raise our glass to you good lady.

“We Got one!!” no not another lovingly decorated birthday cake, but this was Annie Potts famous line from Ghostbusters and you’ll never guess but it’s her birthday today as well. If Ghostbusters 3 ever happens I hope Potts is part of it as it wouldn’t be the same without her.

images-2Dumb and Dumber star Lauren Holly is also having the birthday bumps today, as is Spaceballs Princess Vespa aka Daphne Zuniga. The former 80’s pin up recently reprised her cult classic role in Spaceballs The Animated Series (2009 and 1 season), which I had no idea about until today.

Finally for the ladies it’s Jami Gertz’s special day as well today, the actress starred in Lost Boys, Twister and Solar Warriors (it’s so bad it nearly becomes good before turning to something so bad it offends the Gods of cinema). She also starred in Jersey Girl (not Kevin Smith’s one) which was a rip off of Pretty Woman which stars Julia Roberts. Wow that’s nicely linked up there, but it’s also Milla Jovovich’s mother’s birthday today so happy birthday Galina.

Ok now onto the boys birthdays.
Chris Bauer from season 2 of The Wire and all of True Blood is also a year wiser today. Despite playing a teenager, Inbetweeners actor Joe Thomas edges closer to 30 (he’s not a teenager, say what!) and Last King Of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald is blowing out the candles as well.

images-5There’s so many birthdays today, we’re all tired of party food and blowing up balloons but the final birthday I’m going to highlight is the Doctor himself, Matt Smith. Whilst The Doctor has likely celebrated so many birthdays it’s become boring, Matt Smith regenerates into a 29 year old today.

Happy Birthday one and all.

Until next time…

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