Patrick Wilson and Lena Headey Star in Reckless Trailer

Reckless Movie

Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) lead an all-star cast in provocative new thriller Reckless.

Wilson stars as rising federal prosecutor Sam Ellis, on the surface he has it all, a beautiful wife (Headey) and a bright political career on the horizon. However, behind closed doors, Ellis is far from the saint he presents to the outside world and his one life encounter with a high-end escort spirals out of control into a dangerous addiction. The situation goes from bad to worse when a family friend discovers Ellis’ secret and threatens to expose him.

Also starring are the legendary Richard Dreyfuss (star of Jaws, Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Down and Out in Beverly Hills), Star Trek and Harold & Kumar’s John Cho, Ray Winstone, and Glee’s Diana Agron.

Reckless is released on DVD on July 25, check out the trailer below.

Sam Ellis (Patrick Wilson – The Conjuring, Fargo) is a man on the rise – a hotshot federal prosecutor on the cusp of a bright political future with a beautiful and ambitious wife (Lena Heady – Game of Thrones). But what was meant to be a one-time experience with a high-end escort instead turns into a growing addiction. His moral compass unravelling, his new demon threatens to destroy his life, family and career, especially as Coaker (Ray Winstone), a seasoned hack and old family acquaintance, suspects his extra-marital exploits and plans to expose him.

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