Paul Feig Confirms Extended Version of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray

Ghostbusters uncut

After years of near misses trying to get Ghostbusters 3 off the ground, Paul Feig’s reboot is now in UK cinemas and the reviews so far have leaned wildly from average to hatefully negative. The response was always going to be mixed, ignoring the controversy and ill-informed opinions regarding gender, a reboot of something as beloved as Ghostbusters was never going to be an easy sell.

Director and co-writer Paul Feig has confirmed that he’s putting the finishing touches to the extended cut of the movie that will hit Blu-ray later this year.

“We are literally, as I talk to you, I’m on lunch break from doing our extended cut of the movie. There will be one, and it will be a good 15 to 17 minutes longer than the theatrical feature”.

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Feig has previously released extended versions of Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. It remains unclear if the new cut will incur a high rating and lnclude some of Melissa McCarthy’s trademark sweary rants.

US audiences get to see the movie on July 22nd and it is currently tracking an opening weekend in the $40-50 million bracket. While that figure is well above Feig’s usual opening weekend, it’s far from a blockbuster opening for a movie that has buckets of nostalgia factor. Last summer, Jurassic World tapped into our nostalgia and made all the money, the actual movie was a glossy mess that offered nothing new to the tired franchise.

I’ve had serious doubts about the Ghostbusters reboot, not because of female cast (why should that even matter), but the trailers have simply failed to inspire much confidence in the movie. If I’m being honest, I had serious doubts about the original cast reprising their roles for Ghostbusters 3, my concerns were purely down to the amount of time that had elapsed since part two. Instead of an official third chapter, we got a pretty rocking video game that reunited the old guard using the abandoned script for the movie that was never made.

I’ll be seeing Ghostbusters later this week and will let you know my thoughts in some form or another.



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