Phil Tippett’s Stop-Motion Epic Mad God Sets Home Entertainment Release

Stop-motion and visual effects icon Phil Tippett released his passion project, Mad God, last year, more than 30 years after he started working on it. If you’ve seen the fantastic Disney+ documentary series Lights and Magic, which charts the early days of Industrial Light and Magic, then you’ll be familiar with the brilliant mind of Tippett. 

SAY YOUR prayers to Mad God – a dazzling, delirious, and dystopian masterpiece directed by two-time Academy Award-winning artist, animator, and filmmaker – the legendary Phil Tippett (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, RoboCop, Starship Troopers). 

The most watched Shudder premiere of 2022 – and certified fresh with a 92% rating – this critically- acclaimed and mind-blowing chef-d’oeuvre was 30 years in the making and has earned plaudits around the globe for its creative genius, cinematic originality, and inspired grit. 

Having collected five awards, including Winner of 2021 Fantasia Film Festival’s Most Ground-breaking Film and Best Animated Feature and the 2021 Sitges Award for Best Visual Effects – this expertly crafted and exquisitely imagined Shudder Exclusive is now set to delight fans with its release on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 5 December 2022, courtesy of Acorn Media International

Equipped with a gas mask and a crumbling map, the Assassin, an iron-clad humanoid, descends into a rusty, peril-laden underworld of grime, blood, tortured souls, decrepit bunkers and unsettling monstrosities forged from the most primordial horrors of the subconscious mind. 

As the stealthy invader meanders through the labyrinthine post-apocalyptic wasteland on a mysterious mission, going deeper and deeper into the nightmarish realm, he eventually reaches his destination… the heart of this grotesque tower of torture. But what awaits him there? You can now be a part of this crazy world with an Instagram filter that puts you in the heart of the mayhem.

Mad God is coming to Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 5 December 2022 from Acorn Media International

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