Previously On Previously

From the makers of My Sh*t Life and Above and Beyond The Underscore of Duty comes a new, albeit bizarre, new web series. Described as a kitchen sink drama with sci-fi/horror/comedy/period drama undertones, Previously is a series made for the social media age with episodes running at just 2 minutes apiece with a completely new cast, location, and genre for each instalment. Are you confused yet? You will be!

From old chums catching up for a well-earned coffee to travelling through the universe and preventing an extinction-level event on Earth are all things that happen in the same conversation. If you’ve ever channel hopped late at night after you’ve had a couple of drinks and all the TV shows you’re half-drunk watching blur into one mess, that’s perhaps the kindest way to describe Previously.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any of it yet, as this handy Previously on Previously video will bring you up to speed on what promises to be one of the most difficult to follow shows of all time. Episodes will also be available on VHS, Laserdisc and Paperback.

The Stock Footage Sketch Show Presents Previously on Previously. No refunds.

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