Holy Cash Grab Batman! R-Rated BvS Might Be Released Theatrically


Earlier this year Zack Snyder revealed that an R-Rated version of the movie would be released on DVD and Blu-ray, more than 30 minutes of extra scenes deemed “too dark” to secure the desired PG-13 rating. According to multiples sources, Warner Bros are considering releasing the uncut version in cinemas to help boost the box office.

There’s no denying that Batman v Superman pulled in a massive opening weekend when it was released a couple of weeks ago. There’s also no denying that the box office figures haven’t been what Warner Bros were banking on and is unlikely to make into the $1 Billion Club. While it feels inherently wrong to label a movie that will wind up with at least $900 million in ticket sales a disappointment, Warner Bros were hoping for Avengers-sized takings.

I wasn’t a massive fan of BvS, but even when I exited the cinema I knew I would be buying the uncut version out of curiosity and the gauge hope that the at times incoherent plot would make a bit more sense. I’m all for uncut versions being released on home entertainment formats, in fact, I would actively encourage Marvel to do this themselves. Director’s Cut’s, Extended Editions and even the Too Hot For Cinema cuts of lowbrow teen comedies merely offer an alternative version and don’t replace the original.

A cynical person might see this as a shameless cash grab; they might go as far to say it’s a move that reeks of desperation from a studio that’s a shade conceded over future of their superhero film slate. This imaginary cynical person might have a point, but as nothing has been confirmed yet, we have no reason to listen to that cynical voice in our heads. In case, you’re wondering “how can a movie that will make at least $900 million not turn a profit”, firstly congratulations on having an inquisitive mind and secondly I’ll provide an explanation. The production budget was a reported $250-300 million; a similar sum was spent on marketing, cinema rental fees and various backend deals with the cast doesn’t leave a lot in the kitty.

Zack Snyder is about to start production on Justice League Part 1 and our next visit to the DC universe arrives in August with Suicide Squad

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