Rush Hour TV Series Trailer


You know you’re starting to get old when Brett Ratner movies start getting turned into TV shows. After a long-winded attempt to make Rush Hour 4 a thing, the project was shelved, and a TV series was developed in place of a movie sequel. The first trailer for the CBS series has arrived; plot-wise it remains the same, only without the elements that made the first movie watchable.

As you can likely tell, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Rush Hour trilogy. I will watch anything with Jackie Chan out of loyalty, that said the good Mr Chan has forced me to watch some rubbish over the years. I thought the first Rush Hour was passable, middling yet somewhat enjoyable for what it was. The sequels are another matter, and I’ll spare you the rant.

The only thing the TV series has going for it is the involvement of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence while the last few seasons were patchy, Scrubs had a good run before the ship started sinking. Jon Foo steps into Chan’s shoes as Detective Lee, and Justin Hires has his work cut out for him as motormouthed Detective Carter. The pilot episode is directed by Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure: Nicolas Cage Looks For Stuff) and it appears as though CBS has already granted a full season order.

Rush Hour will be broadcast in the Spring on E4 in the UK.

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