Sean Baker’s Tangerine Gets Limited Edition Blu-ray Release

Sean Baker’s Tangerine has been described as a ‘Hymn to the spirit of the streets’ (Empire) and now the acclaimed, multi-award-winning feature is set for the Limited Edition Blu-ray treatment courtesy of Second Sight Films on December 19, 2022.

Shot on an iPhone and starring outstanding performances from its previously unknown lead stars, Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, this is a hugely entertaining, beautifully shot, funny and original piece of filmmaking that makes for a slick, attention grabbing alternative Christmas watch.

It’s Christmas Eve on the streets of LA. We meet Sin-Dee Rella (Rodriguez,) a transgender sex worker who –  fresh from a short stint in prison –  finds out from her best friend Alexandra (Taylor) that the pimp she’s in love with has cheated on her while she was away. The wronged Sin-Dee Rella declares war and sets off on one hell of a mission with Alexandra in tow, with only one thing on their mind, to find the cheat and teach him and his new lover the lesson of a lifetime, on a chaotic not so festive night.

The Tangerine Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set is presented in a rigid slipcase with brand new artwork by Caelin White at FEM-Design, complete with a 60-page book with new essays and comes squeezed full of fascinating and entertaining special features, including a making of, director, writer and actor interviews, audio commentaries and much more.

Special Features

Audio commentary with Cerise Howard and Rohan Spong

Merry F*cking Christmas: the making of Tangerine

Staying Authentic: a new interview with director Sean Baker

Honest and Hilarious: a new interview with actor Mya Taylor

We Make It Work: a new interview with Cinematographer Radium Cheung

It Was Electric!: a new Interview with Writer Chris Bergoch

Inside a Tangerine: a new interview with producer Darren Dean

The Magic Happens: a new interview with actor Karren Karagulian

Legit Bruises: a new Interview with actor Mickey O’Hagan

Just Hold It In!: a new interview with actor Josh Sussman

To Be Real: Kat Ellinger on the cinema of Sean Baker

Tangerine camera test

Limited Edition Contents

Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Caelin White at FEM Design

60-page book with new essays by Shaadi Devereaux, Caden Mark Gardner, Michelle Kisner and Jerome Reuter, an archive interview with Sean Baker and behind-the-scenes stills

6 collectors’ art cards 

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