Shark Thriller Cage Dive Splashes Down On DVD October 9

If the summer sleeper hit 47 Meters Down left you hungry for more nerve shredding shark action, then you won’t want to miss the new horror thriller Cage Dive.

Technically, Cage Dive is actually the third instalment in the Open Water franchise, but the UK release appears to have dropped the connection to that film series. Well, the first sequel was Adrift and that had nothing to do with Open Water beyond our protagonist being lost in the vastness of the ocean. The association to Open Water is purely to help shift a few more DVDs as Cage Dive has no connection to Open Water, anyhoo, I’ve likely spent too much time explaining that this isn’t Open Water 3 and the key take home here is there is lots of tense underwater action on offer in Cage Dive.

In this intense thriller, three friends from California head to the rugged Australian coast for a cage-dive encounter with deadly great white sharks. But after attracting a swarm of vicious sharks, their tour boat is destroyed by a massive rogue wave. As clouds gather and darkness descends, the three friends fine themselves alone and defenceless, afloat in the chilly ocean as hungry man-eaters begin to circle. With little hope of rescue, they must fight to survive using only their courage.

Directed by Gerald Rascionato and starring Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff and Megan Peta Hill, Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK presents Cage Dive on DVD & Digital on 9th October.


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