Silent Night Trailer Showcases John Woo’s Return To Hollywood

After spending 20 years away from Hollywood, legendary action director John Woo (Hard Target, Face/Off, Hard Boiled, A Better Tomorrow) returns for the festively set Silent Night. Not to be confused with last year’s similarly titled Violent Night, which starred David Harbour as Santa, this one stars Joel Kinnaman as an average Joe who seeks to rain down fire on those responsible for the death of his son. Giving himself a year to locate them, train, and acquire the set of skills needed, he sets the date of Christmas Eve as the night he gets his revenge.

Okay, so on the plot front, Silent Night is about as generic as it gets, but this is John Woo, and sure, his last Hollywood offering was that woeful Ben Affleck movie Paycheck, but this first trailer looks very promising. You may have noticed in the trailer that there is no dialogue besides the muffled sounds of a first responder on the radio. We can expect the movie to follow suit as Silent Night is a dialogue-free action flick.

Silent Night lands in cinemas on December 1; check out the trailer below.

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