Something for the weekend

Joining the mighty Red State in cinemas this weekend are modest bunch of new films, but nothing that looks like a must see.

Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington star in The Debt, with a script from X-Men: First Class/Kick Ass/Stardust’s Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn it’s a very different kind of movie for the acclaimed writing partners. John Madden directs the espionage thriller and it looks pretty good from the trailer but nothing to get too excited about.

Next up is Shark Night 3D, Now I was looking forward to this as it looked like a bit of fun (despite the 3D). It sank from the US box office pretty quick and damming reviews have sadly made me lose interest a bit. That said I will watch it at some point, but not in 3D.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner inflicts his attempt at an action movie with Abduction (clearly what is needed for any boyfriends to be dragged along to see it). There’s something resembling a plot but it was difficult to understand while I watched the trailer with my eyes closed fingers in my ears shouting ‘Noooooooo”.  Decent actors are killed off quickly based on the trailer and Sigourney Weaver is held at gunpoint to remain in the rest of the film. He jumps and runs, takes his shirt off and looks sulky throughout. It might turn out to be good but I’m not willing to give it 2 hours to find out. It pains me to post the trailer here but here it is. I feel dirty.

Formulaic romantic comedies don’t come much more formulaic than What’s Your Number? Chris Evans and the always watchable Anna Faris do their best with the threadbare material which sees Faris looking back at the last 20 men she dated and wondering if one was her true love. There’s a couple of chuckles from the trailer but it doesn’t do it for me.

Finally, Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia makes its way to the UK on a limited release. It might not look like it from the posters but this is a movie about the end of the world. I have sometimes struggled to get or like some of his movies but the stellar cast of Kristen Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland and Alexander Scarsgard and John Hurt I’d give it a go.

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