Something for the weekend – Johnny English…

This weeks cinema releases are a mixed bag of bits, bobs and maybe a gem or two.

First up is Johnny English Reborn, a sequel to the movie based on those Barclay Card adverts starring Rowan Atkinson. There’s something almost comfortable and a bit Christmas like about having Rowan on the big screen. But frankly it’s too early for good will towards thrown-together-comedies. So I will just rewatch my faded VHS of Bernard and The Genie. As it took 8 years to get a sequel, we can expect Johnny English: Re-tired sometime around 2020. Yay!

One of my favourite Brit actors makes his feature film directorial debut in the shape of Tyrannosaur. Paddy Considine directs Peter Mullan and Oliva Coleman in this drama with not a dinosaur in sight. Please do seek this out as, it’s a full on movie that deals with grief, love and abusive relationships.

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green star in Perfect Sense, which sees the world besieged by a virus that slowly shuts down our senses. McGregor plays optimistic chef who falls in love with Eva Green. Sounds odd but it looks heartfelt and a bit different which is no bad thing. Clearly on a low budget the trailer looks intriguing.

Guillermo Del Toro writes and produces Don’t be Afraid of The Dark, starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. Despite not frightening up much in the US box office, the movie looks like a good ‘Friday night out’ kind of film.

Woody Allen’s biggest ever movie finally comes to the uk, midnight in Paris stars Michael sheen, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

Finally, The Lion King returns to the big screen in all it’s utterly unneeded 3D glory. It’s actually one of my favourite modern Disney films but I just can’t bring myself to go see it with a cinema full of screaming children… and in 3D.  Thankfully it’s out on Blu ray next month and I will be buying that!

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