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Now everybody loves a good movie parody, not the barrel scrapping laugh free likes of Vampires Suck, Date Movie, Epic Movie or Meet The Spartans (which were all made by the same people). In today’s internet world people spoof pop culture with nothing more than a camera and a couple of mates.

Last year I discovered the joy of The Key Of Awesome, which saw music videos being spoofed very well by Mark Douglas and team, this then grew into a partnership with another online video maker, Erik Beck. So Rated Awesome was born, movie spoof trailers, these include Blade 4: Breaking Dawn in which Blade goes up against Edward from Twilight, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow Points sees Harry and the gang embrace muggle weapons instead of magic.

There are also a few original songs, spoofing music videos and movies. My joint favourites of these are The Eminem Love the way you lie video and the Twilight inspired “I’ll Never Be an emo vampire’, which sees a black and white Dracula at odds with this new emo vampire world. As you can tell anything that knocks twilight is ok by me.

My favourite one so far is The Green Screen lantern, which brilliantly highlights the troubles of filming a green screen comic book movie and your hero is dressed in green.

These guys are very funny and the production values have only improved. Check them out on the links below.

www.indymogul.com                   www.barelydigital.com


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