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Ricky & Morty Pickle Rick Bloopers

We can all agree that the belated renewal for Rick & Morty was worth the wait with a massive seventy episode order. After a brief period where it looked as though creators Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland and Adult Swim couldn’t reach a deal. Then, everything went quiet. The radio silence turned out to be a good thing as news swiftly followed with the seventy episode pick-up, and the adventures of Rick & Morty were secure for years to come.

As there is still no details on when new episodes will be broadcast, any nugget of new Rick & Morty is gratefully accepted by us fans. For reasons that remain a mystery, Justin Roiland had one heck of a time getting through a particular scene in the Pickle Rick episode. Taking his goofs and bringing them to life, we now have our first Rick & Morty blooper reel. Well, I say reel, it’s mainly just Roiland laughing, but that doesn’t make the clip any less watchable.

It might be frustrating waiting for new episodes as there really isn’t anything quite like Rick & Morty. That said, nobody wants to rush the creative process, so it will take as long as it takes. Early 2019 has been mentioned as a possibility; there has also been chatter of Spring. For a show that surprised released the first episode of its third season without warning on April 1st last year, I don’t think we can predict when or how new episodes will arrive.

Rick & Morty’s first season was briefly removed from Netflix a few days ago when the deal with Adult Swim expired. Thankfully, the first season is back on Netflix now ready to be enjoyed again.


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