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Mr PoopyButthole Stars In New Rick & Morty Short

While it might be hard to accept that we won’t see new episodes of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s insanely good Rick and Morty until 2019, I think we would all rather give them the time they need to make the best possible season four they can.

To help ease the wait, a brand new Rick and Morty short has hit the internet, starring fan favourite Mr. Poopybutthole in an Up inspired tale titled The Poop in My Pants. That’s more times that I’ve written poop and been happy about it that I have previously experienced in the whole of my life thus far. Picking up where the season three finale post-credits scene left off, Mr Poopybutthole makes good on his promise that the next time we’d see him he would have a long grey beard.

The Poop in My Pants is perfect viewing for the upcoming festive season, so instead of a full-length Christmas special, we’ll have to make do with this charming little short. That said, Harmon and co dropped the season three opener on April 1st much to the surprise of even the most avid of Rick and Morty fans. Meanwhile, another Dan Harmon creation might be heading to the big screen to fulfill the #Sixseasonsandamovie mantra. Harmon has teased that the long-mooted Community movie could be finally happening and he’s had extensive conversations with The Russo Brothers and Justin Lin. Having directed some of the best episodes of Community, the involvement of The Russo Brothers and Lin are very encouraging signs that we’ll be heading back to Greendale one last time.