The Autopsy of Jane Doe: Most Famous Bodies

Jane Doe is the name given to a body of a deceased person who can’t be identified. In the brilliant chiller The Autopsy of Jane Doe, it is the corpse of a young woman, who, outwardly, appears to have suffered no harm. It is only when the autopsy begins, that a mysterious and terrifying chain of events is set off.
We’ve reproduced the autopsy report for Jane, and for some other famous bodies from film and TV, from Twin Peaks to Sunset Boulevard – each of which might lie inert, but play a key role in unravelling some classic and thrilling stories.


Name: Jane Doe

Background: Unknown; no identification, so unable to establish. Early twenties, female

Cause of death: Unknown. Body found buried in earth in basement of home where multiple homicides had occurred. Perfectly preserved, no sign of trauma.

Killer: Unknown (see above)

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Sheriff Burke

Case status: Ongoing, pending post mortem report from Tilden Funeral Home. Contact with Tildens currently cut off due to electrical storm.


Name: Elizabeth Short aka ‘The Black Dahlia’

Background: Early 20s. An aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Appeared in pornographic films. Connections to wealthy LA businessman Emmett Linscott? Possible relationship with Linscott’s daughter. Blackmail over lesbian relationship suspected.

Cause of death: Body severely mutilated, disfiguring smile carved into face, limbs removed. Brutal attack – with knife, axe? – hurried, frenzied.

Killer: Ramona Linscott (E.Linscott’s wife)

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Detectives Dwight Bleichert and Lee Blanchard, LAPD

Case status: Closed. R.Linscott committed suicide following confession. Detective Blanchard killed during the investigation.


Name: Laura Palmer

Background: Homecoming queen, an only child. Appeared to live double life – second boyfriend a biker. Cocaine addiction. Naked corpse found wrapped in plastic on the side of river near Twin Peaks, Washington state.

Cause of death: Loss of blood, bite marks were on her shoulders and tongue, and lesions were on her wrists, ankles, and upper arms. It was also found that she had sexual relations with at least three men. Typed letter ‘R’ found under fingernail [matches killing from previous year in the same state].

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

Killer: ‘Killer Bob’

Case status: Laura’s father Leland Palmer arrested for killing his daughter. Claims to have been possessed by ‘Killer Bob’ – demonic entity who feeds on fear and pleasure.


Name: Joe Gillis

Background: Screenwriter, minor credits. Working with film star Norma Desmond on a comeback movie script.

Cause of death: Found floating in swimming pool at Desmond’s mansion on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Bullet wounds in the body.

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Homicide Captain, LAPD

Killer: Norma Desmond

Case status: Desmond arrested. Judged insane: seems to think she is on a film set.


Name: Mary Kelly

Background: Prostitute, Whitechapel area, East London.

Cause of death: Body badly disfigured. Brutal attack, mutilation, the signature of a killer targeting London prostitutes. [Possibly a medical man – despite viciousness of attack, shows signs of medical knowledge, use of specialist instruments]

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline, London Metropolitan Police

Killer: ‘Jack The Ripper.’

Case status: Case closed; identity of ‘Jack The Ripper’ never confirmed [link with Freemasons – Royal Family?]. Abberline died of opium overdose [suspicious?]

FROM: SE7EN (1995)

Name: “Gluttony”

Background: Single. Unemployed. Clinically obese.

Cause of death: Stomach rupture. Deceased tied to chair force-fed to the point of death; probably kicked to cause rupture. Word ‘gluttony’ left at crime scene – ties in with subsequent homicides – link to seven deadly sins. Deaths carefully planned.

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Detectives William Somerset and David Mills

Killer: ‘John Doe’

Case status: Case closed. Doe tracked through library books relating to deadly sins. Surrenders to Police but plea bargain involved, whereby he will reveal location of victims; Doe is killed by Detective Mills after he reveals he has killed Mills’ fiancee.


Name: Rosie Larsen

Background: Teenager. Boyfriend Jasper (rich, drug use); also close with English teacher. Involved with high-class escort service? Political links – local mayoral campaign?

Cause of death: Discovered in the trunk of car pulled from a lake in Washington state. Head trauma, death by drowning.

Officer(s) in charge of investigation: Homicide Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder

Killer(s): Terry Marek, Jamie Wright

Case status: Mayoral campaign manager Jamie Wright shot dead by Holder. Confession from Terry. Rosie Larsen killed to silence her after she overhears a plot to destroy the mayoral campaign.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is released on EST 19th June and Blu-ray, DVD and VOD 26th June by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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