The Coffee Table (aka La Mesita) Sets UK Digital Release

Make room for The Coffee Table (aka La Mesita), a wickedly original horror from Spain, helmed by Caye Casas (Killing God), who co-wrote with Cristina Borobia (RIP), which made waves (and stomachs churn) on the festival circuit and is now set for its UK debut thanks to Second Sight Films.

The film has been described as ‘An unsettling descent into absolute madness and misery (Guy at the Movies) and ‘A genre-leaping marvel… a farce… a melodrama, now a tragedy… uproariously funny until it is not at all’ (Projected Figures) and can now be experienced by British audiences as its set for a digital release on 20 May 2024.

David Pareja (Amigo) and Estefanía de los Santos (Jaulas) give gobsmackingly brilliant performances as Jesus and María, a couple going through a tough time in their relationship following the recent arrival of their newborn son. The fiery pair are struggling with the pressures that a new baby brings and their bickering only amplifies on a shopping trip to buy furniture that’s about to change their lives forever.

What begins as a simple disagreement over which coffee table to buy quickly descends into a shocking and tragic event that will rip their lives apart. Co-starring Josep Maria Riera, Claudia Riera and Eduardo Antuña, this dread-felled film promises an excruciatingly uncomfortable and harrowing experience, with a darker-than-dark sense of humour.

Sit down with The Coffee Table for a fantastically horrifying feature that you’ll never forget, check out the trailer below.

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