The Devil’s Hour Trailer

Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine star in the first teaser for the forthcoming six-part series, The Devil’s Hour. An eerie rendition of Talking Heads Road To Nowhere sets a haunting scene for a series I have no idea what it’s about beyond a stylish trailer. It feels oddly refreshing to see a TV series market itself with nothing but intrigue and what looks like an intense performance from for Doctor Who star Capaldi.

The synopsis for The Devil’s Hour is equally vague and intriguing;

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night and felt like something wasn’t quite right? You may have woken during the “Devil’s Hour” – the hour between 3 am and 4 am, or 3.33 am specifically, regarded as a time when unexplainable things can occur. Watch The Devil’s Hour, coming to Prime Video in 2022.

Now I think about it; I wake up a 3.33 am every night. While I go have a long hard think about what that means, check out the trailer for The Devil’s Hour Below.

Also starring Nikesh Patel , Meera Syal, Alex Ferns, Phil Dunster, and Barbara Marten, The Devil’s Hour arrives on Amazon Prime later this year.

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