The Haunting of Hill House Director’s Cut Coming To Blu-ray

In a move that few saw coming, Netflix is releasing an extended version of its monster hit series The Haunting of Hill House on Home Entertainment. The acclaimed series from Mike Flanagan was a runaway success last Halloween, and a second season (that will relocate the story to a different house) is currently in development.

Confirming the news via Twitter, Mike Flanagan revealed he had completed restoring several episodes;

“Well this news got out there a LITTLE earlier than we wanted… but yes, it’s true! More details to come, but it was a blast restoring several episodes to their original form. Hope you all enjoy!”

It has now been confirmed that three of the ten episodes will be extended with episodes 1,5, and 10 getting additional scenes. Episode five is The Bent-Neck Lady, perhaps the best instalment in the series. The 3-disc set also includes four commentaries  by Flanagan as well as some behind the scenes mini-docs.

Netflix built a reputation for giving filmmakers unprecedented resources and creative freedom, so it’s a little odd that Haunting of Hill House was cut for its original release. I’m a massive fan of the series, and I’ll pre-order the Blu-ray as soon as it’s available, but there’s something that dosesn’t sit right with this move. Netflix users may feel slightly cheated that to see the full version of a show they loved, they’ll have to shell out for the Blu-ray. It makes no difference to fans like me; I’m a big believer in physical media still having a place in the world.

Netflix has only released a small portion of its originals on DVD & Blu-ray, the Marvel shows, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Bojack Horseman have been released in the US, but it’s a market that they’ve yet to expand. I get it, the irony of a streaming service needing to incorporate physical sales to make their original shows more profitable, it’s almost funny. Well, maybe not funny, but ironic.

The Haunting of Hill House Director’s Cut will be released on October 15.

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