The Reef Stalked Trailer

From the director of The Reef and Black Water comes a new slice of aquatic-based terror with The Reef: Stalked. Since I first saw Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Jaws, I have remained mildly obsessed with shark movies. I think we can all agree that Jaws is the greatest shark film ever made, and since then, Hollywood has been trying to make the second-best shark movie of all time. From blockbusters like The Meg, to whatever the heck Sharknado was, the enduring appeal of the shark genre sees a steady supply of fresh releases. 

The Reef: Stalked finds a group of friends enjoying an island holiday which takes a deadly turn when they become stranded far from land and stalked by a great white shark. Check out the trailer below.

Signature Entertainment presents The Reef: Stalked on UK Digital Platforms 29th July & DVD 8th August

 IT WILL FIND YOU! In an effort to escape the trauma of their sister’s murder, Nic (Teressa Liane, The Vampire Diaries) and Annie (Saskia Archer, Boshack) along with two close friends set off for a dream vacation. A Pacific island adventure lies ahead with drinks, sun and surf on the menu. Within hours of hitting the surf, the women are attacked far from land by a great white shark. Bleeding and vulnerable, it’s a race against time as they soon realise they’re being stalked by the beast as they venture closer and closer to safety. They are more than prey to the shark, they’re entertainment. The Reef: Stalked is written and directed by Andrew Traucki (Black Water, The Reef). 

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