The Stock Footage Sketch Show

Stock footage websites can be a miracle worker when you need a piece of footage for your creative project (or corporate gig) that it wasn’t possible for you to film. Need some office workers going about their daily business, check, a sweeping aerial shot of a city or forest, check. However, in addition to the wealth of generic shots, there’s a treasure chest of odd, bizarre, and straight up WTF footage sitting unused on these websites until now. If you didn’t already know, Stock Footage sites buy footage of all sorts of things which is available for use under a membership. You can use the footage in any work you produce, and many sites such as Video Blocks or Envato Elements will have thousands of clips, sound effects, music, graphics, and still images waiting to be downloaded.

The Stock Footage Sketch Show is a goofy new web series from Jellyfielders that launched a few weeks ago, and it’s a cheeky homage to the sketch shows of the 90s & 00s with a healthy amount of absurdity. We spoke to the creators of the series to find out more about The Stock Footage Sketch Show and here’s how they described it;

“It’s a sketch show made from stock footage.”

I quizzed them further and delved deep to discover the origins of the idea;

“We just thought it would be fun.”

There you have it, a world exclusive, insightful stuff. Unlike the high concept super geniuses at Bad Lip Reading, The Stock Footage Sketch Show is a more shoestring budget affair, but with its short episode running time, and quick-fire sketches the show doesn’t outstay its welcome. You can catch episodes 1-3 below with new episodes released weekly on their Facebook page.

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