Truth or Dare Trailer is Another Win For Blumhouse

Truth or Dare is a game that youngsters have been playing for generations, the rules have been updated slightly as the dares have gotten crueller. The sacred game of Truth or Dare forms the basis for the latest horror from producer Jason Blum (Split, Get Out), only it’s by way of Saw and a whole lot more deadly than I remember.

The first trailer for Truth or Dare has arrived, and it might become mandatory viewing for all teenagers before being allowed to play the game.

I admire the Blumhouse approach of filmmaking, don’t make one giant $150 million blockbusters, instead, produce ten or fifteen low budget horrors and hope a few of them take off. Blumhouse had a great 2016, Get Out and Split make stacks of cash, and Happy Death Day was a fun spin on the Groundhog Day formula. Not all their projects make money (Amityville: The Awakening, The Belko Experiment), but the low-budgets make the loses easily absorbed by a breakout hit.

Blumhouse has a busy 2018 ahead of them, as well as Truth or Dare they have The Purge: The Island which is a prequel to the first movie, later in the year Jamie Lee Curtis returns one final time in a brand new Halloween sequel. If that wasn’t enough, early 2019 sees M. Night Shyamalan bring the world’s of Split and Unbreakable together for the long-awaited Glass. Having surprised audiences with a last-minute cameo in Split, Bruce Willis returns as reluctant superhero David Dunn to battle James McAvoy’s The Horde. Samuel L Jackson is back as Elijah Price / Mr. Glass alongside Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy reprising her role from Split.

Glass is due for release on January 18, 2019. Meanwhile, Truth of Dare hits UK cinemas on May 4.

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