US and UK Box Office Monday – Paranormal Activity 3…

paranormal-activity-3-movie-poster-01Well who would of thought it, Paranormal Activity 3 frightened up $54 million on it’s opening weekend. A franchise best and clearly a front loaded opening that will have a sharp burn off. Regardless of it’s longevity that’s a big chunk of change for a found footage movie that cost just $5 million to make. Expect Paranormal Activity 4 to be announced in a matter of seconds, I hope this franchise doesn’t go the way of Saw and keep churning them out for the sake of it, well the sake of it and all that money.

Elsewhere in the charts The Three Musketeers in 3D failed to break double figures, opening on just short of $9 million the swashbuckling adventures has decent reviews and seems enjoyable other than Orlando Bloom and the 3D. It’s curious that a family friendly adventure has not done better in a less than packed release week. The only other new entry in the top ten was Johnny English Reborn which managed $3.8 million.

imagesMeanwhile in the UK, Johnny English was still ruling the charts, The Three Musketeers debuts at number 3 closely followed by Real Steel. Footloose danced it’s way to number 6 and Dolphin Tale was the final new entry at number 7.

Tintin gets released in Europe almost 2 months before the US, so all eyes will be on the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson collaboration which is out this week in the UK. It remains to be seen if it will be a blockbuster but it certainly has all the credentials to be one, I will be braving 3D to see Tintin next week, I’m not happy about it but will give it a go as I trust Jackson and Spielberg as they have been vocal in their feelings about 3D.

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