The Walking Dead Special Edition

It might not be a movie but it is made by film maker Frank Darabont, he may of quit the show mid way through it’s second season but a 3 disc special edition of the first run of The Walking Dead lands on region 1 in October.

walking dead season 1The bleak but cinematic series tells the story of a group of survivors in a world overrun with zombies, they are lead by Sherif Rick Grimes (Brit Andrew Lincoln with a believable American accent) and search for others to find shelter from the end of days.

Now we have different opinions of The Walking Dead here at We Love Movies [More Than You], but the new 3 disc special edition is worth a look. Loads of new special features and the black and white version of the feature length pilot. Fans of Darabont’s The Mist will certainly appreciate the edition.
It should be out on DVD and Blu Ray this year in the UK but no fixed date yet. If you can’t wait it’s out on October 4th on Region 1.

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