Channel 4 Won’t Be Showing Black Mirror Series 3


Earlier this month rumours surfaced that UK fans of Black Mirror wouldn’t be able to binge watch the new series that is being produced by Netflix. The dark anthology series started life on Channel 4, and as they retained the first broadcast rights, it appeared as though the rest of the world would see the new series before the UK.

That’s no longer the case according to The Guardian, they have reported that Channel 4 have lost the rights to broadcast new episodes first in the UK. Naturally, Channel 4 aren’t happy about the situation with chief creative officer Jay Hunt’s recently released statement.

“Black Mirror couldn’t be a more Channel 4 show. We grew it from a dangerous idea to a brand that resonated globally. Of course it’s disappointing that the first broadcast window in the UK is then sold to the highest bidder, ignoring the risk a publicly owned channel like 4 took backing it.”

Jay Hunt’s comments were aimed at production company Endemol Shine, who responded via their website.

“Channel 4 have had the opportunity to recommission since 2013, and passed on this and subsequent co-production options put to them. Only following this and the first series’ exceptional performance when aired on Netflix, did Netflix offer a longer order of 12 [episodes] with an increased budget that allowed producers House of Tomorrow to realise their ambitions for the series.

Further efforts were made to try to reach a settlement regarding a UK window for Channel 4, but these were also sadly to no avail.”

The new series is currently in production and will launch on Netflix later this year.

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