The Asylum Are Expanding To Make Animated Mockbusters

Izzie's Way Home

Even if you haven’t seen any of the movies The Asylum churn out, you should be familiar with the Sharknado franchise which is the independent studio’s biggest success. If the best movie they are capable of is one of the worst things ever made, then read into my previous comment with wild abandon. Having confused many parents and grandparents alike for years, The Asylum are moving into the competitive world of animated movies and have already knocked together their first mockbuster offering.

Now, you might think that a shift into children’s movies might force the studio to come up with some original ideas. Well, you would be 100% wrong as Izzie’s Way Home is a thinly veiled ripoff of Finding Nemo and its forthcoming sequel Finding Dory. A lost fish (Izzie) has to navigate her way home after getting lost, featuring the voices of superstars Tori Spelling and  N-Sync’s Joey Fatone. The picture above is a taster of what The Asylum have thrown together and it’s horrific.

Aside from the Sharknado movies, The Asylum recently released San Andreas Quake, Atlantic Rim and Martian Land. While you have to admire the cheek of their shameless attempts to confuse the DVD buyer public, their movies are unwatchable and I sat through half of The Ridiculous Six. Izzie’s Way Home will be released on DVD in May, not to be confused with Finding Dory that swims into cinemas in June.

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