Everything Wrong With The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3


Like it or not, Jurassic World is almost certainly going to make it into the Billion Dollar Club and Universal are having one heck of a year. Furious 7 claimed $1.5 billion, The Minions are on their way, and Jurassic World is busting records.

To celebrate the release of Jurassic World, those geeky folks at Cinema Sins have complied everything wrong with The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3. Just to make a final point about how impressive JW performance at the box office is, Jurassic Park 3 grossed $368 million during the entirety of its theatrical run.

The recent Godzilla reboot wasn’t the monster movie I was hoping for; there was some fun to be had, but it felt like one great big set up for the sequel. Jurassic World fills a gap of big blockbuster monster movie that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. In keeping with Jurassic Park tradition, JW has a few wince-worthy moments you might not expect to find in a 12A.

There’s a lot wrong with Jurassic Park 3, every time I embark on watching the trilogy it is always with a sense of dread that the Blu-ray disc goes into the magic box of delights. The movie reeks of the production problems it encountered (no finished script or third act before the cameras rolled), and just ends because the military show up (thanks, Laura Dern). I’ll save my amateur nitpicks for the eagle-eyed team of Cinema Sins, so sit back and watch the plethora of sins these sequels are guilty of.

Now, on with the funny videos!

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