A Third ‘Has Fallen’ Movie is a Go with Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler will be back as action man Mike Banning in the third entry in the Something Has Fallen franchise. Following the surprise success of Olympus Has Fallen back in 2013, the recent sequel relocated to London and grossed a solid $195 million in global takings. Unlike its concept rival White House Down, Olympus was made for less than a third of Roland Emmerich’s bombastic flop that starred Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

The third movie, Angel Has Fallen, won’t see Butler’s hero attempt to protect Heaven from invasion by stabbing his way through a horde of celestial beings. This time, it’s not Olympus or London that will be falling down (falling down), but Mike Banning himself will be the target of attack and will likely have to stab his way to safety once again.

Just in case you’ve not seen the two previous films, Mike Banning has a disturbing preference to dispense with bad guys by stabbing them in the head, neck or back he’s not fussed as long as he gets a knife up in there somewhere. To be fair, Banning shoots way more people than he stabs in his bid to save The President, but he seems to enjoy those up close kills just a little too much.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the title Angel Has Fallen, if it were down to me I would have gone with the obvious Mike Banning Has Fallen. There’s no word yet on which cast members will be returning, but we we should expect the movie to arrive sometime in 2018. On a side note, Mike Banning Has Fallen is the perfect name for the inevitable reboot that has Banning’s long lost son follow in his father’s footsteps and stab bad guys in the head, lots.

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