Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

The Last Knight

The first trailer for the fifth entry in the implausibly popular Transformers franchise has arrived.

After totally promising to walk away from from the world of Transformers after the 2014 sequel Age of Extinction, Michael Bay totally didn’t retire from the franchise as is back to serve up more Bayhem.

Plot-wise, The Last Knight picks up shortly after AOE with Autobots’ leader Optimus Prime out in space looking for his home-world. Sadly, when Prime finds Cybertron in ruins and on the brink of death, the only way to save his home is an artifact linked to King Arthur and the legend of Merlin. Say Whaaaaaat?

At first glance you would be forgiven that Bay isn’t even trying to make a coherent movie anymore, it would even be understandable if you thought the blockbuster director was making it up as he goes. Mixing the legend of King Arthur to Transformers might sound insane, but The Last Knight is inspired by the 1985 episode of the animated series Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court. I’m not saying this sounds like a good mix to finally make a worthy sequel to Bay’s 2007 franchise starter.

While I can’t claim to be massively excited about Transformers 5, there was one shot in the trailer that caught my eye. The 1986 animated film (still the best feature-length Transformers to date) featured cinematic legend Orson Welles voiced Unicron (aka Lord of Chaos, The Chaos Bringer, and The Planet Eater), and this still sure does look like it could be Unicron.


Plot details remain under wraps, but we can be sure that giant glossy robots will smash into other giant glossy robots and blow shit up. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Turturro and Stanley Tucci, Transformers The Last Knight arrives in cinemas June 2017 and will be followed by a Bumblebee spin-off sometime in 2018

Optimus Prime finding his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet, which he comes to find he was responsible for killing. He finds a way to bring the planet back to life, but in order to do so he needs to find an artifact, and that artifact is on Earth .

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