Swiss Army Man & Daniel Radcliffe’s Quirkiest Roles

Swiss Army Man

Since leaving Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe has gone out of his way to play a wide array of complex, challenging characters. With Swiss Army Man the actor makes his first true comedy feature film. However, Daniel has been sending up his boy-wizard image for years in a string of quirky, comedic roles. To celebrate the UK release of the acclaimed new Swiss Army Man we take a look at some of these performances…

Extras (TV, 2006)

Starting a trend early of playing himself in comedy – Extras (series 2) showed the world that Daniel was happy to be a good sport and play with his clean-cut Harry Potter image. In the hilarious episode, we see him swearing, smoking and hitting on any woman he comes into contact with.

The Simpsons (TV, 2010)

In the Twilight spoof episode ‘Treehouse of Horror XXI’ of the classic animation series Daniel voices Edmund. His soppy vampire attempts to turn Lisa Simpson vampiric only to be thwarted, and thoroughly embarrassed, by protective father’s Homer and Dracula.

Robot Chicken (TV, 2012)

Daniel’s made several appearances on the surreal and hilarious animated comedy show. In the episode titled ‘Hemlock Gin and Juice’ he adopted an American accent to play ‘Boy with Mullet’ and also voiced a twisted version of beloved children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Trainwreck (2015)

In this hit US comedy feature, Daniel plays Daniel Radcliffe playing ‘The Dogwalker’ in a prolonged cameo in a movie-within-the-movie of the same title. His character is the star of the pretentious, and utterly ridiculous, black and white film with his scenes opposite Marisa Tomei.

Bojack Horseman (TV, 2015)

Daniel provided stand-out voice work to another animated series in Bojack Horseman episode ‘Let’s Find Out.’ In the show, he fails to remember Bojack’s name, but Bojack get his own back when he’s asked on a television quiz show to name the star of Harry Potter replying, “I want to say… Elijah Wood?”

Lionsgate UK Releases Swiss Army Man on DVD & Blu-ray 10th April.

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