Tremors 6 Set For DVD Release Early 2018


Those pesky Graboids will be back to terrorise a fresh batch of townsfolk in an all new Tremors sequel. Franchise veteran Michael Gross will be back as Burt Gummer, and Gross confirmed the news via his Facebook page.

“You heard it here!!! Universal Studios Hollywood tells me that the tentative release date for Tremors 6 will be January 30, 2018. I appreciate that many of you would like to see it sooner, but I will keep you busy with behind the scenes posts. Please invite your friends to like & follow this page! #releasedate #tremors #scifi #monsters #behindthescenes #graboids”

News of a Tremors 6 might come as surprise to many of you as you may not have known that parts two through five were eve a thing. Since the theatrical release of the original comic horror that starred Kevin Bacon, Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer has been promoted to franchise star and remains the only actor to appear in all six movies.

I thought that Universal might be done making straight to DVD Tremors sequels when it was announced that Kevin Bacon was returning to the fold for a new Tremors TV series. The TV sequel to the original movie is still in development, and is expected to go before cameras later this year. Michael Gross is unlikely to be a part of the new TV series as Bacon is keen to ignore the DTV continuations.

Jamie Kennedy will be back as Gummer’s son Travis after being introduced in last year’s Tremors Bloodlines. Here’s the official synopsis for Tremors 6.

“Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) and his son Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy) find themselves up to their ears in Graboids and Ass-Blasters when they head to Canada to investigate a series of deadly giant-worm attacks. Arriving at a remote research facility in the arctic tundra, Burt begins to suspect that Graboids are secretly being weaponized, but before he can prove his theory, he is sidelined by Graboid venom. With just 48 hours to live, the only hope is to create an antidote from fresh venom, but to do that, someone will have to figure out how to milk a Graboid!”

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