Honest Trailers Take All Nine of Catwoman’s Lives

Before Wonder Woman makes her long-awaited big screen debut in her own solo movie, those Screen Junkies have taken aim at DC’s previous female-led superhero adaptation, Catwoman.

Catwoman was a complete disaster upon its release in 2004, Warner Bros had the right idea to cast recent Oscar winner Halle Berry in the leading role, but that was the end of the good decision-making skills on this one. Costing a whopping $100 million to produce, Catwoman grossed $82 million worldwide and set back female-driven superhero movies significantly. It didn’t help the cause that the following year, Daredevil spin-off Elektra tanked at the box office big time.

I have gone into every DC expanded universe movie with an open mind, I didn’t set out to dislike Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, I sorely wanted to enjoy them. However, thus far, the DCEU has one passable entry, and Man of Steel wasn’t intended to be the first part of any connected universe. The reviews for Wonder Woman so far have been very encouraging, of course, I’m taking the positivity with a pinch of salt as the early word on Suicide Squad was fairly positive too.

I want to believe that this iteration of the DC world can produce a good movie, at this stage I’ll settle for entertaining and I truly hope Wonder Woman has learned from the mistakes of the past. While we wait to see Patty Jenkins’ movie, let’s all pop our feet up and relive the nightmare that was Catwoman.

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