Rick & Morty Gets A Massive 70 Episode Order

“70 more life-threatening adventures Morty! Near death experiences Morty. Horrible things. Nightmares Morty! 70 more!’

Fans of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Rick & Morty have been waiting for months to find out if and when the cult animated series is returning. Well, we finally have an answer and it’s bigger and better than we could have expected. Adult Swim has handed out a massive seventy episode pick up for the show, no you read that correctly, there are going to be at least seventy more adventures for everybody’s favourite mad scientist, and his nephew.

After enjoying cult status for its first two seasons, Rick & Morty broke into the big leagues last year with the long-awaited third season. A two-year wait and global distribution on Netflix gave the dysfunctional duo a whole new set of fans worldwide, and the merch got serious. Boardgames, t-shirts, mugs, portal gun replicas, cosplay, action figures, you can tell a show is getting bigger when the amount of officially licenced merchandise increases.

It remains unclear how many seasons will be carved out from these new episodes. Currently, only 31 official episodes have been produced across three seasons. Harmon has spoken about future seasons consisting of fourteen instalments (which was the plan for season three), should that come to pass then we have at least five seasons coming our way. However, at this particular moment, there is no firm release date for season four on account of it hasn’t been written yet. Or has it? No, it probably hasn’t, but we did get the first episode of season three on April Fools’ Day last year, so you never know.

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