5 Reasons Why Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Move To Netflix Is Great News


We all love Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror here at We Love Movies [more than you] towers. The dark hearted anthology series for misanthropes has given us every reason to fear the future.

News broke earlier this week that Netflix were in talks with Brooker to produce multiple episodes and would become the new home for the series. Black Mirror wasn’t cancelled by Channel 4, the recent Christmas Special pulled in record ratings for the series and attracted glowing reviews. So what has motivated Brooker to make such a major change? In place of cold hard facts, we can only speculate, but needless to say Netflix are in a position to make Brooker an offer he couldn’t refuse.

While this might be bad news for Channel 4, the move for Black Mirror is exceedingly good news for fans of the show.

5) It Makes Perfect Business Sense For Netflix

Netflix helped Black Mirror break into the US, not a single network was brave enough to broadcast the series leaving millions of Americans unaware of its brilliance. Thanks to Netflix picking the show up last year, Black Mirror found a whole new audience hungry for more dark chocolate. There were rumours of a US version that Brooker seemingly confirmed his involvement in, could this be that version? Time will tell.

Netflix needs more UK original content, hence their failed pursuit of the former Top Gear trio, in the end they lost out to Amazon but Netflix are keen to add more UK originals to its expanding catalogue.

4) Money!

Yes, it’s crash, but the brass tacks of the matter are that Netflix can give Brooker more money to make his dark dreams a reality. A move to Netflix would certainly come with a sizeable increase in the budgets of each episode while not required to make compelling TV you can’t help but wonder what doors this could open.

Brooker has done a bit of a Steven Moffat with the existing Black Mirror stories, instead of telling the biggest version of each concept, Brooker opts to keep the point of view narrow. The larger ramifications are all there to see, but Brooker is more concerned with presenting an individual experience in a wider world.

Armed with bigger budgets, Brooker can let his mind run free and that leads us neatly on to….

3) Creative Freedom

Free reign for filmmakers can be a blessing and a curse, this is also something that has both worked very well, and not so well for Netflix. The Arrested Development revival was a mixed bag, ignoring the format change, the show was overlong and felt drawn out rather than the

Then again, Netflix let the makers of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp do what the heck they wanted, and the results were pure fanboy gold. Community’s sixth season might have been on Yahoo, but it does show that if you let a talented bunch of people get on with it, then magic can happen.

I for one am borderline aroused by the possibles of what Brooker is planning with the weight of Netflix behind him.

2) More episodes?

The question of every fans’ lips is the same, “will we get more than three episodes a series?”. A fair and valid question, but one we are no closer to having answered. In our greedy I want it yesterday modern times, we crave every last detail about a movie or TV show as soon as it hits the internet. All we know is Netflix will produce ‘multiple episodes’, so that could be a series of occasional episodes, it could be six, it could even be eight, but it could also be three.

Black Mirror has only produced seven episodes to date (including the Christmas special) over the course of four years. I’ll always take fewer higher quality episodes over masses of instalments of a lesser end product. That said, I’m part of the greedy “I want it yesterday generation” so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more than three.

1) More Brooker

There isn’t enough of Charlie Brooker on TV for my liking as we need more of his bleak outlook for our species on our screens. His Screen Wipe and end of year round up are the only sane way to make sense of this crazy world we live in. Black Mirror offers a socially reflective a nightmarish depiction of humanity and its lust for technology. The series should be mandatory viewing.

More Black Mirror in any form can only be a good thing, nay, a great thing.

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