Everything Wrong with The Santa Clause

The movie that taught a generation to misspell Santa Claus and spawned two sequels is the latest target for those folks over at Cinema Sins. Just in time for Christmas (what are the odds), Cinema Sins is taking down Tim Allen’s first outing as the big jolly chap in Disney’s The Santa Clause.

For a Disney film, The Santa Clause risks traumatising its young audience early on when Tim “Home Improvement” Allen accidentally killing Santa. Not only that, but Buzz Lightyear only goes and robs the still warm corpse of Santa for his clothes, Christmas! On first viewing, The Santa Clause is a harmlessly fun festive fantasy viewing for the whole family. However, watching it back as an adult, the whole thing is just riddled with plot holes.

I’ve often thought that it would only take a little creative editing to turn the nightmare curse of transforming into Santa from Disney favourite, to horror thriller. Thankfully, I don’t have to wonder anymore as one skilled YouTuber has done just that, and you can watch it below. Merry Christmas.

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