Bad Boys Honest Trailer

To celebrate the release of the belated sequel, those timely folks at Screen Junkies have put together an Honest Trailer for the original Bad Boys. I hope you’re reading this sitting down as I’m about to drop a bombshell, Bad Boys is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, on June 16 to be specific. So around the time Bad Boys For Life will be arriving on Home Entertainment.

After years of trying to get a third Bad Boys movie off the ground, many fans of the classic franchise had given up hope. However, a trailer rocked up towards the end of last year, and Bad Boys For Life is landing in cinemas at the end of the week. Worryingly, there are still no reviews for the movie, which can often be a sign of a less than brilliant product. Speculation aside, Bad Boys For Life looks like it could be fun, Will Smith has barely aged in the 17 years since Bad Boys 2, and Martin Lawrence is also in the film.

The Bad Boys franchise expanded to the small screen last year with L.A’s Finest starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Union reprises her Bad Boys 2 role, Sydney Burnett in the hit series that will return for a second season later this year. As to the future of the Bad Boys franchise on the big screen, that depends on the success of the new movie. Should a Bad Boys 4 happen, we can only hope it won’t take another 17 years to arrive. That said, I kind of want to see a near 70-year-old Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett causing mayhem as they enjoy retirement.

Bad Boys For Life is in cinemas this Friday

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