A Walk Home Becomes Deadly in New Short Horror ‘Dead of Night’

Every night I have the same dream. That’s the tagline to Jellyfielders’ new horror short Dead of Night, and if you’ve endured bizarre dreams during the lockdown, this is the two-minute short film for you!

We’ve seen all manner of weird and wonderful short films made during the lockdown with independent filmmakers getting creative while remaining safe. Jellyfielders are back with a new POV horror short, Dead of Night, which you can watch below.

Over the last year, we have all learned a new appreciation for having time outside, and few things clear the mind like an evening stroll, all the better if it’s raining but that’s just my personal preference. An unseen protagonist ventures out one bleak evening, and on their way home, they encounter a masked stranger who appears to be one step ahead of them at all times.

Filmed late last year under lockdown guidelines, Jellyfielders have created a neat little thriller without using a single line of dialogue. Like all things made under these difficult circumstances, Dead of Night might not be perfect, but it’s gritty style and use of available light creates an unnerving realism. The POV format is a difficult one to sustain, but happily Dead of Night is barely two-minutes long and makes good use of the well used style. Check out the full movie below.

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