Alexis Denisof Joins Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you thought the recent news that Netflix will be releasing a Christmas special of its sinfully enjoyable Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was good news, you might want to sit down. Joss Whedon regular and all round nice guy Alexis Denisof is joining the cast for the second season.

The actor formerly known as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce will be joining the cast for the forthcoming second season of the hit Netflix reboot. Denisof will play the boyfriend of Michelle Gomez’s character who returns from his travels to find his lady friend somewhat different. Here’s how Deadline describes his character on Sabrina;

“Denisof will play Adam Masters, the boyfriend of Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez). Handsome and charming, Adam returns to Greendale after a stint overseas working with Physicians Without Frontiers—unaware that his fiancé has been taken over by the demoness Madam Satan.”

Handsome, charming, a good samaritan, Denisof ticks all the boxes and it sounds like he’ll be having a whale of a time with the character. In other Sabrina news, Jedidiah Goodacre (Disney’s Descendants) has been cast as Dorian Grey (didn’t see that coming did you!), Deadline describes the new take on the character created by Oscar Wilde.

“Goodacre will play warlock Dorian Gray, the owner of Dorian’s Gray Room, an exclusive nightclub. He is an enigmatic gentleman of an indeterminate age and is very good at keeping secrets, especially his own — a cursed portrait he hides from prying eyes.”

I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed the new darker spin on Sabrina. As a teenager, I watched the original cheesy 90s show and wasn’t exactly expecting much from the Netflix reboot. It’s nice to be wrong once in a while as Sabrina was chillingly good. The addition of Denisof in any capacity has only made the wait for season two all the more difficult.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina A Midwinter’s Tale will be available from December 14, and season two will drop on Netflix sometime next year.

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