Amicus Horror Movie Quiz

To celebrate the release of two of Amicus Productions’ classic anthology movies, Asylum & The House That Dripped Blood, we’ve put together a chilling quiz on all things Amicus. Representing what many class as a golden era in British horror, the company founded by Milton Subotsky and Max Rosenberg enjoyed 15 years of success, but the films they made are still enjoyed today. So, if you know your classic horror films, and can tell a Hammer film from an Amicus production then this is the quiz for you. If not, then why not try one of our other quizzes by clicking this link right here.

Asylum and The House That Dripped Blood are out now on Limited Edition Blu-ray.


Amicus Quiz

To celebrate the Limited Edition releases of classic Amicus horrors Asylum and The House That Dripped Blood, we have just the quiz the mark the occasion. 

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