Armando Iannucci Explains Why The Thick Of It Can’t Return

As difficult as it might be to believe, The Thick Of It left our screens more than five years ago and the world has been all the pooer for its absence. Thankfully, the show’s creator Armando Iannucci launched the very brilliant Veep, so our thirst for political satire has been quenched. However, fans of The Thick of It have lived in hope of a revival of some form, but Iannucci has now confirmed that there are no plans to bring the show back, with good reason.

“It’s not on my agenda, no. If we came up with up with an episode where the Prime Minister was coughing throughout her speech while the letters on the wall behind her were falling off, you’d think ‘no, that’s just basic’. We’d shred that storyline,

I’m so dumbstruck by what’s happening. We have a government that thinks it has the luxury of fighting amongst itself when it doesn’t command a majority – whose idea of doing a deal with Europe is just to tell Europe what to do and then be surprised that 26 other countries are saying no. It’s beyond any attempt to even try to explain it comedically.”

So, basically, it’s not possible to put a credible political satire together because the real-life government are doing a bang-up job of being beyond parody all on their own. Arguably, I would say that we need political satire and the soothingly scathing words of Malcolm Tucker now more than ever. In the meantime, Iannucci’s hilarious new film Death of Stalin is out now on DVD and well worth seeking out.

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