Nic Cage Hunts For Osama Bin Laden in Army of One Trailer

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Nicolas Cage stars as ex-con Gary Faulkner who is having a tough time finding a job, all that changes after a vision from God (played by Russell Brand) sends him on a quest to track down Osama Bin Laden. It’s not often you get to write those words in an opening sentence, but that combination of words just peaked my interest in Army of One. Well, that and the insane trailer that has just hit the internet.

Many people believe that Nicolas Cage’s best performances are behind him, thanks to a massive tax bill the Oscar-winning actor has been making some less than Oscar-worthy projects for what seems like a lifetime. While he has turned up in some truly awful movies in recent years, every now and again he turns in an excellent performance in the likes of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Joe, The Trust and Kick Ass. Army of One has all the elements to be a brilliantly dark comedy with a crazed performance from Cage, or it will be terrible on every level with a crazed performance from Cage.

Will we ever understand the strange, subversive game that Nicolas Cage is playing with us? Even Abed couldn’t work it out. Army of One is released on VOD and Home Entertainment later this year.


Gary Faulkner (Cage) is an ex-con, unemployed handyman, and modern day Don Quixote who receives a vision from God (Brand) telling him to capture Osama Bin Laden. Armed with only a single sword purchased from a home-shopping network, Gary travels to Pakistan to complete his mission. While on his quest, Gary encounters old friends back home in Colorado, the new friends he makes in Pakistan, the enemies he makes at the CIA – and even God and Osama themselves. Wendi McLendon-Covey, Rainn Wilson, and Paul Scheer also star in this hilarious tale of patriotism and one man’s quest for justice.

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