Ben Kingsley Stars in Jules Trailer

In the first trailer for Jules, Sir Ben Kingsley stars in a heartwarming tale of friendship and what it means to be human. Kingsley stars as Milton Robinson, nearing 80 and living alone; his main form of socialising is attending city council meetings, much to the other attendees’ frustration. However, during one such meeting, Milton casually mentions a UFO crashed near his house. Naturally, nobody believes him initially, but Milton’s new extraterrestrial house guest (named Jules) is soon discovered, and the unlikely trio must do anything they can to keep Jules’ presence a secret. 

Based on the first trailer, Jules looks like an utterly delightful film and aside from seeing the ever-brilliant Jane Curtin, the other secret weapon of the film is the casting of Harriet Sansom Harris. Now, I’m well aware she has played a wealth of roles on the big and small screen, but to me, Harris will always be Frasier’s unhinged agent, Bebe Glazer. It was the role of a lifetime. Directed by Marc Turtletaub, Jules will be released in cinemas on Digital on December 29; check out the trailer below. 

A heartwarming E.T. meets Sir Ben Kingsley in this brilliantly watchable tale. Milton lives in a small town and is getting more forgetful and isolated with age. When an extraterrestrial crash lands in his backyard, destroying his beloved birdbath, the two form an unlikely bond. Jules stars Sir Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast), Harriet Sansom Harris (Licorice Pizza), Jane Curtin (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) and Zoe Winters (Succession) and is written by Gavin Steckler (Review) and directed by Marc Turtletaub (Little Miss Sunshine).

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