Bernard and the Genie Gets A Remake From Richard Curtis

One of the greatest and frequently forgotten Richard Curtis-penned festival offerings is the charmingly lovely TV special Bernard and the Genie. Starring Alan Cumming and Lenny Henry, it was first shown on BBC One back in 1991 and has yet to receive an official DVD release to this date. However, that will change as Richard Curtis has written a remake, which is coming to Peacock later this month. Shortened to Genie, the premise remains the same with a festive setting and Paapa Essiedu stepping into the role of Bernard Bottle, who mistakenly unleashes a Genie (this time played by Melissa McCarthy) to help win back his family.

The first trailer has arrived, and considering I had no idea a Bernard and the Genie reboot was a thing, it does look like a solid way to spend 100 minutes in the run-up to Christmas. Directed by Sam Boyd and featuring Luis Guzmán and original Bernard Alan Cumming making an appearance, Genie will be landing on Peacock on November 22; check out the trailer below.

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