Bloody Hats Film Festival Winners

Let’s fill Hats with blood together! Bloody Hats short film festival is held every two months, and the winners of their latest festival have now been released. We are thrilled to announce that our new short film Underneath was selected for this this festival, we are beyond proud that our very own Lu Camish has won an award for her tireless efforts with the VFX for the film. We will be sharing the Bloody Hats winners every couple of months, and we’ll be letting you know how our film does as the year rolls on.

The best films will get to the screen and scare everyone! Each participant of our festival will become our closest collaborator. It is our joint immersion into the depths of nightmare that will create an unbreakable bond between all of us. We will be happy to write a review of your work and conduct interviews if you wish. It will increase your fan base and let to know your work better

Winner in category “Bloody Hats”:
Directed by Donavan Richard
Winner in category “Best Short Film”:
Radio Head
Directed by Delaney Hoffman
Winner in category “Best Feature Film”:
Fractured Sanity
Directed by Keith Martens
Winner in category “Best Director ”:
Directed by Abraham Onofre
Winner in category “Best Short Script ”:
Writted by Reyna Stephaanie, Ye Zhong
Winner in category “Best Feature Script ”:
Writted by Jonathan Zarantonello
Winner in category “Best Kill”:
Directed by Jane Fleiss
Winner in category “Best Actor ”:
Roger Bart
Winner in category “Best Actress”:
Tales of a Scorpio's Stinger: The cat`s meow
Evelyn O Vaccaro
Winner in category “Best Student Film”:
The Dead Sea
Directed by Skai Chow, Rebecca Lau

Winner in category “Best Thriller”:
Enter the Room
Directed by Harry Waldman
Winner in category “Best Dark Comedy”:
This Sucks
Directed by Kipp Howard
Winner in category “Best Mobile Film ”:
Directed by Kevin Lucero Less
Winner in category “Best Make-Up”:
American Clown Story
Tiffany Sousa
Winner in category “Best Costume”:
Clowning Around
Winner in category “Best Cinematography”:
The Bottle
Directed by Tran The Anh
Winner in category “Best Scenography”:
The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre
Mariana Soares Da Silva
Winner in category “Best Music”:
All Gifts
Music by Jacob Sommer
Winner in category “Best SFX”:
Special effects by Lu Camish
Winner in category “Best Editing”:
Editing by Parker Ronan

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  1. Peter Herlan Reply

    Thrilled to have “Crossed” ( recently named as a 2024 Nominee to the Bloody Hats Film Festival for Best Feature Screenplay! Good luck to all of the nominees!

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