Brand New Restoration of Cutter’s Way Starring Jeff Bridges Coming To Blu-ray

Ivan Passer’s Cutter’s Way starring Jeff Bridges and John Heard has a brand new 2K restoration coming to Blu-ray from US boutique label Fun City Editions on February 6, 2023.

Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski and Rancho Deluxe), John Heard (Chilly Scenes of Winter and After Hours) and Lisa Eichhorn (Yanks and King of the Hill) deliver exemplary performances as a trio of ’60s casualties embroiled in a murder investigation that goes increasingly off-the-rails and threatens to swallow them whole.

Unambitious yacht salesman and gigolo Richard Bone (Bridges) skates on his good looks and avoids all responsibility. His best friend Alex Cutter (Heard) returned from Vietnam with his body ruined, but his mind sharpened and attuned to the injustices and politics that led to his predicament. After Bone witnesses a shadowy figure dump a young woman’s body in the trash, he fingers local oil magnate J.J. Cord (Stephen Elliot, Beverly Hills Cop and Death Wish) as the killer. As Bone backs away from this accusation, Cutter charges forward on a crusade to make Cord pay not only for this murder, but for all the other crimes fat cats like him have routinely gotten away with. Cutter’s long-suffering wife Mo (Eichhorn), struggles to keep her own head above the surface, while steering the two men toward saner waters.

Based on Newton Thornburg;’s 1976 novel Cutter and Bone, and initially released under that title to little notice the film was reborn as Cutter’s Way and became a highly acclaimed cult favourite. The lush, sunny Santa Barbara setting, luminously photographed by DP Jordan Cronenweth (Blade Runner and Stop Making Sense), is an ironic counter to the deeply cynical and tragic vibes of this neo-noir. The distinctly beautiful score by pop and rock maestro Jack Nitsche ranks as one of his most stirring works. Helmed by Czech filmmaker Passer (Intimate Lighting and Born to Win), Cutter’s Way is one of the most impassioned and truthful critiques of the American hierarchy ever filmed. Now, perhaps, more relevant as ever, it’s been freshly restored in 2K from its 35mm interpositive.

Special Features:

New 2K restoration from its 35mm interpositive

“Mo’s Way,” a newly filmed video interview with star Lisa Eichhorn

“From Cutter and Bone to Cutter’s Way,” a newly filmed video interview with UA Classics exec Ira Deutchman

Archival video interview with director Ivan Passer

Archival video interview with writer Jeffrey Alan Fiskin

Archival video interview with producer Paul Gurian

Archival video featurette on composer Jack Nitzsche

Archival audio introduction by star Jeff Bridges

Archival video introduction by director Bertrand Tavernier

Theatrical trailers

Isolated music track

Newly recorded audio commentary by novelist Matthew Specktor

Archival audio commentary by film historians Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman

Archival audio commentary by assistant director Larry Franco and unit production manager Barrie Osborne

Booklet with new essay by DJ and writer Margaret Barton-Fumo and an archival essay by Cult Movies author Danny Peary 

Slipcover and booklet limited to 2000 copies

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